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Asabix support & maintenance — the best way to improve your product!

Dissatisfied with the results of the other IT company? Want to refine the ready-made product? We are here to help.

For a project to be successful, it must meet the ever-changing needs of the market. We at Asabix not only develop the products but also support and complete the existing ones. Implementation of new functional opportunities, optimizing the processes, changing the design, or detecting the weaknesses — order any service you need.

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Ways of cooperation

Let’s start: choose the required solution

Dedicated team
  • You receive your own remote IT department.
  • You or your manager directly contacts and supervises the developers.
  • You are able to determine the number of employees.
  • Suitable for complex projects with a realization period of 6 months.
For those who appreciate the team's involvement in the project. Our developers are completely immersed in work, get acquainted with the product in detail, and are exclusively engaged in your project, without being distracted by other tasks.
Hourly wage
  • You set the basic tasks and change or add new solutions during the work process.
  • You don’t need to provide documentation of the entire project, just a schematic concept is sufficient.
  • We record the work hours and bill an invoice for the spent time after the project approval (including all necessary reports).
  • Flexibility and ease of making changes.
Choose an hourly contract if you want to fully control all processes, test new solutions, and also make adjustments.
Fixed-price contract
  • You provide us ready-made documentation or we develop it together.
  • Our team develops the software and sends you all source files.
  • We approve the total price and terms of work.
  • Everything that is not included in the agreement is paid separately.
This type of cooperation is ideal for those who already have a clear idea and vision of the final product, or possess a ready-made project and want to modify and improve it.
Opportunities & services

From A to Z: we provide
full-cycle services

Backend maintenance

Are you planning to improve or expand the functionality of your site? We will help with all tasks that are related to the internal logic of the software.

Frontend maintenance

Our team will help to customize the interface of your website. We will check the correctness of the product’s display on different extensions and operating systems, and perform any other modifications of the visual part of the project.

Back-end and front-end optimization

The site is slow or the code is crashing? Want to optimize and change the site structure? Our specialists will check the code, eliminate all the problems, and conduct a functionality change, so your software will work correctly and smoothly.


Asabix also helps with API integration. Choose this service if you have a web project, but you want to expand it by developing a mobile application, or if you need to fill the ready-made site with the payment systems, delivery services, or other useful functions.

Support & maintenance

We are ready to provide support for your website or application. Our team will regularly check the software, correct all issues, make an update, as well as keep the site working properly and up to date.

Website hosting

Our experts will select both the best server option and its local placement for the availability of your site with an SLA of 99.9%.

Stack of technologies

We operate 
the best technologies

Our benefits

Asabix provides
high-quality services
and meets the
all clients needs

  • If necessary, a dedicated team that work exclusively on you.
  • Communication through any required way (WhatsApp ,Viber, Telegram, Zoom, phone call, etc.).
  • Convenient monthly payments with no hidden surcharge.
  • 7+ years of experience with more than 30+ completed projects.
  • Promptly support with a quick response to urgent problems, continuous site maintenance and project support (from 15 minutes).
  • Complex site maintenance including backend, frontend, design, hosting setup, quality assurance, and so on.
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