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Laravel e-Commerce Website Development

Properties of the online store

Laravel is an optimal option for developing a robust and high-speed online store!

This powerful framework, spearheaded by Taylor Otwell in 2011, empowers you to execute commercial ventures of varying intricacies with ease. However, Laravel is only a tool, necessitating the expertise of a proficient IT team for successful implementation. Our team at Asabix is equipped with talent and years of hands-on experience in Laravel development. We value this framework for its numerous advantages:

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Laravel has garnered acclaim for its swift and effective data processing capabilities facilitated by the FastRoute router, integrated caching and testing features, as well as its robust authentication and templating system.
Laravel boasts a polished and intuitive syntax, enabling developers to write code correctly from the outset. This feature not only enhances developer satisfaction but also allows them to concentrate more on addressing business challenges rather than grappling with the technical limitations of alternative frameworks.
Logical architecture
Laravel's widespread appeal is also attributed to its implementation of the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture, which systematically partitions the program into distinct components: data handling, user interface presentation, and application logic via controllers. This structured approach to code organisation facilitates project management by ensuring separate placement of each component, thereby enabling seamless scalability and maintenance of the project in the long term.
The Laravel framework boasts formidable data encryption utilities and a user-friendly yet versatile authentication API. Additionally, it features an integrated system designed to safeguard websites against cyber threats, complemented by scanning mechanisms for vulnerabilities such as cross-site scripting (XSS), cross-site request forgery (CSRF), and SQL injection.
Within the Laravel ecosystem, an extensive array of official and third-party packages, extensions, and libraries exists, significantly accelerating development speed and expanding capabilities. This abundance affords developers the freedom to unleash their creativity and seamlessly implement virtually any desired functionality within your online store.
Laravel websites excel in processing requests at a swiffer pace compared to many other platforms, a critical factor for accommodating future traffic surges. Furthermore, features like migrations simplify the alteration of database structures as needed, streamlining the process of updating and deploying an online store with reduced risk and complexity.
Laravel's simplified integration of third-party applications makes it easy to connect various payment methods, delivery services, and automated marketing tools.
When needed, the completed online store will come equipped with built-in analytics and a conversion tracking system accessible through the administration panel. This feature enables you to analyse traffic patterns, monitor conversions, track goal attainment, and refine sales processes for optimised performance.
Multilingual and multi-currency
Online stores can expand internationally by utilising Laravel's support for multiple languages and currencies, providing improved customer personalization and catering to diverse markets.
SEO optimization
Laravel has specialised tools for optimising online stores for search engines, which include SEO-friendly URLs to improve page indexing efficiency, metadata management capabilities to facilitate search engine understanding of site structure, and robust 404 error handling to improve user experience and search engine visibility.
Developed ecosystem
Because of Laravel's extensive educational resources, ongoing development efforts, and widespread adoption by developers worldwide, it is currently considered one of the top PHP frameworks globally. Due to the framework's extensive community, you will be able to rely on a competent development team in the future to scale your project or obtain technical support.
Meet Asabix

Why choose us?

Since inception, Laravel has combined the most advanced features from PHP frameworks, aimed at creating elegant and secure solutions. Many online stores are using Laravel capabilities today because of this reason. However, the extent to which a commercial website meets specific business objectives hinges on the expertise of the development team.
The latest technologies
Our developers not only possess expertise in Laravel but also harbour a deep passion for it. Our in-depth understanding of this technology lets us build online stores that truly capture users with their multifaceted functionality, elegant design, and swift performance. Our site's compliance with the latest standards is crucial to us, which is why we follow best practices throughout the development cycle.
Transparency in development
Our company performs in-depth business analysis to accurately grasp the client's requirements and expectations for the online store's functionality and design. We prioritise our clients and give them maximum attention, unlike many other firms who adopt a mass approach. Our transparent and reliable processes allow you to communicate directly with developers and designers as needed while developing an online store on Laravel.
Professional design
To us, design encompasses more than just the interplay of colours. It's about effectively converting clients into customers. Navigation, the checkout process, and even the placement of CTA buttons all play a role in this conversion. Sales can be hindered by a confusing interface, but clear and intuitive navigation swiftly guides customers to make purchases — a fact that has been validated by market research.

Development options: from scratch, template, or refinement?

The Asabix team offers a comprehensive service, which includes the creation of online stores from scratch, the use of high-quality templates, and the refinement of the design or functionality of existing projects.

Laravel website development
We can create an online store on Laravel that will stand out significantly from other competitors. We make sure that your store is at the forefront of innovation by using the latest technologies and incorporating cutting-edge UX/UI trends. Furthermore, we consistently use the most recent version of Laravel, taking advantage of its continuous advancements in features and enhanced security, as the framework undergoes updates every 6 months.
Utilising a Laravel template
To expedite the launch of your online store swiftly and seamlessly, we provide a ready-made design template compatible with the Laravel framework, tailored to your business processes. We take care of installing modules, optimising design, and configuring all necessary functions. Moreover, templates can be utilised for continued development and maintenance even after your store is operational, guaranteeing its continued success.
Improvement and redesign
Do you have any difficulties with your Laravel-based online store? Let us conduct a complete analysis and testing of your project. Regardless of the brief's lack of detail, our extensive development experience across various industries will provide us with effective solutions. Our goal is to ensure full mutual understanding with our clients, fostering successful outcomes for your project.

Our team comprises specialists with extensive expertise, segmented into distinct groups:

The designers will create and implement your concept, resulting in a stylish and responsive design that will ensure your website displays correctly on all screens.
Our Laravel-skilled and enthusiastic developers are charged with maintaining the highest quality of code and implementing successful technical solutions for your online store.
Our managers carefully analyse your business requirements, develop a prototype of your future website, and work together to finalise its structure and content. Their role is to oversee the team's work and ensure that progress is timely and uninterrupted throughout the project lifecycle.
QA (Quality Assurance)
Our QA team ensures seamless functionality across all devices and popular browsers by conducting thorough testing of the online store before launch.
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Sum up

Laravel e-commerce websites are well-coded, logically architected, and easy to maintain.

Our goal is not only to provide Laravel development services, but also to collaborate with you on your journey of success. Your online store can operate swiftly, seamlessly, and intuitively thanks to the essential functions provided by our reliable solutions. Discover our array of unparalleled services and place your trust in our Laravel masters!


Frequently asked questions answered

Why should you choose Asabix for your e-commerce website development?

Our services are tailored to businesses of all sizes and industries. We are focused on creating an online product that enhances the sales process, ensuring a satisfying experience for both you and your customers.

Is mobile device support available for the Laravel online store?

Absolutely. Our team is focused on making sure your website displays properly on mobile phones and maintains its full functionality, ensuring a seamless user experience across all devices.

What makes an online store development framework superior to a CMS?

Although a CMS (Content Management System) can be simple and affordable, it typically only provides basic functionality and is primarily meant for small-scale sites. Contrarily, the Laravel framework gives more flexibility and more expansion opportunities, enabling the creation of high-performance online stores with complete control over project architecture. To delve deeper into this topic, you can find more information here.

What is the estimated duration and cost of creating a store with Laravel?

Development's time and cost are influenced by various factors:

  • The project's complexity.
  • The quantity of integrations required.
  • Using either a unique design or a template.
  • The client's prompt decision-making.
  • Any modifications requested by the client throughout the process.
  • The final set of functions.

Following a thorough project discussion, we will establish a timeframe ranging from several weeks to several months and provide customised estimates. Our development stages will be meticulously planned using Agile and Scrum methodologies to ensure transparency and efficiency. We offer convenient payment options: a prepayment for the initial project stage, followed by subsequent payments throughout development and upon completion.

Is creating an online store something I can control?

Transparency is a priority for us in all our processes, and your project manager will always be accessible. You'll receive updates on the status of each stage, delivered in a manner that suits your preferences.

Do I have the ability to make modifications during the development process?

As the project progresses, we understand that new ideas or requirements may arise. We have the necessary flexibility to adjust the development process, timeline, and cost to ensure optimal results, and we are fully prepared to do so.

Are you offering technical support services?

Indeed, we do. We can create a maintenance contract to ensure the smooth operation of your online store if you request it. Our pricing plans can be customised to meet your business's specific requirements, giving you the peace of mind of knowing your store is in capable hands.

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