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  • Company — a service provider, a legal entity «Asabix». The company was founded in 2017 in Ukraine. Geographical location — Zhytomyr. The main activity is the development of full-cycle software. Asabix helps companies and startups turn ideas into digital products. Professional skills are available in areas such as logistics, e-commerce, warehouse management, booking, real estate, and finance. The company has successful experience in launching projects for the USA, UAE, Ukraine, Lithuania, and the Czech Republic.

    The main activity is the development and support of projects on PHP frameworks Laravel, Symfony, Yii2, and JS frameworks VueJS and React.

  • User — a natural or legal person who may be a customer, partner, or have any other status inside or outside the Company.

  • Policy — a document posted on the Company's website, which provides information to Users on the processing, use, and protection of personal data.

  • Personal Information, Information, Confidential Information — information that directly or indirectly identifies the User.

  • Personal information — data about the user, passed by him in favor of the Company, which allows identifying the user as an individual. This definition includes personal and sensitive information, as well as any other data.

By using the Asabix Company website, which is available on the Internet at, the User, by transmitting Personal Information through the site forms, automatically agrees and confirms that he is familiar with the Company's Policy. Thus, the User also confirms that at the time of visiting and using the site he is an adult citizen in accordance with the laws and regulations of the country in which he lives or is a resident.

If the User is a minor citizen under the law of the country or region of his citizenship and permanent residence, he must request the permission of his parents or legal guardian to provide his Personal Data instead of the User and to allow free use of the site.


Citizens who work for the Company, provide full-cycle software development services to customers around the world, and are professionals, are committed to storing the information entrusted to them by Users. The Company's policy provides for compliance with the rules of personal data storage and the obligation to protect and defend the information about Users that the Company receives in the course of its business activities.

The approach to the creation of the Company's Policy is based on the general principles of confidentiality and data protection. The main regulations that are included in this Policy are: the Personal Data Protection Act, the General Data Protection Regulations also called the GDPR, and the California Consumer Privacy Act. The Company complies with and applies the above-mentioned laws and regulations, taking into account the comprehensive obligations to comply with user privacy laws and the most effective protection of its users' data. The purpose of the Policy is not only to generalize data protection practices but also to inform users about the Company's current position on data protection in accordance with the relevant Policy.


The Company has the right to collect and hoard any Personal Information transferred to it in several ways: automatically — when visiting the site via Cookie, as described below, during the provision of its professional services, or as a result of sending information by Users through the site by filling out feedback forms on any accessible page of the Company's website and by consenting to the processing and transfer of data.

One of the channels of information collection that the Company can use in its business activities is social networks. When Users interact with Company’s social networks, it may receive their personal information.

The Company uses third-party Internet services, such as Google Analytics and others, necessary for the automatic collection, analysis, and accumulation of the following information: time of visit, duration of the session, key actions on the Company's website, geolocation. The method of data collection is provided by third-party Internet services and does not allow the identification of a specific User, so the data obtained do not converge and do not belong to the definition of Personal Data under this policy.

The Company operates with Personal Information exclusively in the legal field and for the purposes of:

  • communication with Users;
  • exercising control and statistics important for improving the service and modifying the Company's website;
  • selection and invitation of candidates;
  • remarketing, providing users with advertising information based on their preferences, needs, and interests;
  • providing services to Users in case if they wish to become customers of the Company.


In accordance with the Company's professional activities and responsibilities, this Policy has always aimed to promote the safest possible handling of information provided by Users using the Company's website or using its services.

The Company uses reasonable, physical, modern, electronic and any other legal procedural measures to ensure the security and storage of Personal Information received by the Company through the site as a result of the User's request for feedback. The company cannot guarantee that the security measures applied will always work 100% and insists on providing information that is not mandatory for ordering services.

We as the Company try to provide the most appropriate protection of the received Personal data of Users from the third parties whom we have the right to involve in the rendering necessary services to Users. Third parties are the Company's consultants, suppliers, sellers, and contractors, who are obliged to ensure proper and effective protection of Personal Data in accordance with the proper fulfillment of obligations of data processors in accordance with regulations: Personal Data Protection Act, California State Protection Act Consumer Personal Data, the General Regulation on Personal Data Protection, referred to as the GDPR, and the European Union Regulation on Personal Data Protection.

We may store any data for as long as such storage is necessary to comply with professional obligations or to achieve the legitimate purposes of the Company for which the Personal Information has been transmitted and collected. The user has the right to receive more detailed information about our information practices and data protection policy. The user has the right to use the section "Contact Us" on the website and receive a response as soon as possible.


The Company does not disclose whole Personal Information or any part of it entrusted to the Company without reasonable grounds.

Reasonable grounds include only the disclosure of information to our data processors and contractors acting on our instructions, in compliance with the relevant obligations of confidentiality and information security. In accordance with the requirements of legislation, regulations, and/or in the course of commercial activities and professional responsibilities of the Company, it has the exclusive right to provide and/or transfer Personal Data previously received from Users to responsible government agencies and law enforcement officials in accordance with law or if the Company concludes that the provision and disclosure of such information is a necessary decision, authorized by law or certain regulations, for example, to hold an investigation, approve our legal protection and/or in other cases.


COOKIE file is a small, purely text file sent by a web server and placed on the User's device via a web browser. Such files are divided into two types: temporary and permanent.

Temporary cookies differ from permanent ones in the duration of the session. Temporary or session files are usually deleted automatically when the User finishes using the browser and closes it (shuts down the browser). Permanent files have the ability to be stored in the browsers of devices after their closure until such files are deleted personally by the User. The Company uses Temporary Cookies, except regional code cookies, which are stored until they are deleted manually and guarantee to User the transition to the correct version of the site.

Cookies are often used in conjunction with other Internet technologies, similar to web trackers, needed to understand user behavior on the Internet. For example, the Company has the right to use cookies in conjunction with web trackers that it may place on its website in order to collect and analyze the number of unique Users who have visited a particular page of the site. Similarly, the Company has the right to use or receive reports in the form of site visitation scripts that recognize unique cookies issued by another site. These tracking scenarios are not used to collect information about the User's experience of using the Internet not related to the Company and do not personally identify the User if he/she as a visitor has chosen to provide the Company his Personal Data.

The company's online services use cookies. The company uses a cookie session in conjunction with its Internet services, in particular, to ensure cybersecurity, identify and remember the region and language preferences of the User, track and analyze actions on the site to prevent its hacking.

The company does not require the use of cookies to use the site, except the identification file of the language region for residents of Ukraine. The User may restore the default settings in their own browser to opt-out of all cookies sent to the User's device, or allow the browser to notify him about the setting of cookies, but some Internet services may work differently. If the User does not change the settings of his browser and does not automatically reject the cookie, the Company will create a cookie when using the site, notifying him in advance of all files that will be stored on the User's device.

For detailed information on setting cookies, the User can use the "Help" menu on his web browser or read the customer support sections in his web browser. Note that each browser on each device must be configured separately. The user has the right to refuse the use of cookies, as well as to block some or all files of this type. If the User refuses and does not wish to receive advertising cookies, he can visit the resources of the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI) and the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA).


The Company has the exclusive right to change this Policy. Any new version of the Policy shall enter into force after the Company has posted (published) it on its website.


To respect the privacy of minors, the Company knowingly does not collect, store or use Personal Information transmitted online through the relevant website by any person under the age of 18. By visiting the site, the User confirms that at the time of using the site he is an adult in accordance with the laws of the country in which he is a citizen and/or resident.


Under Section 1798.100 of the California Civil Code (California Consumer Confidentiality Act), California residents may have certain additional rights to dispose of and protect their Personal Information. These rights may be restricted, including together or separately:

  1. The right to disclose, remove, test on discrimination, or access information;
  2. The right to refuse to transmit or sell information.

The data collected within the framework of laws and regulations in interaction with the site may not be sold or transferred by the Company without the consent of its Owner. The user has the right to exercise its rights following the laws of the State of California. To do this, the User must send his request to the name of the Company, using the section of the site "Contact us". The company will respond as soon as possible.

This paragraph lists the types of Personal Data specified by California State Law that the Company has the right to receive, collect or store in the course of its professional activities or receive from the User in the course of providing services: identifiers, Personal Data described in California Customer Legislation (Cal. Civ. Code § 1798.80 (e)), Protected classification characteristics under California or US federal laws, regulations, Professional, Sensitive (individual), Biometric, Commercial information related to professional activities, non-public and educational information, data on Internet activity, conclusions based on other data, geolocation to enter the site.


According to the laws and regulations of the EU and the UK of Great Britain on the protection of personal data, individuals have the right to their personal data to be protected. The following rights provided by law may be subject to restrictions and/or certain exceptions:

  1. the right to request access to Personal Data transmitted or collected by the Company, the right to correct and delete the Personal Data from the Company's registers and its databases;
  2. the right to limit the processing of personal data;
  3. the right to object to the processing or refuse to collect Personal Data for the purposes of the Company that collects it.

To exercise the rights under this Policy and this paragraph, the User may submit a request using the "Contact Us" section. The company will respond as soon as possible.

Individuals also have the right to file a complaint with the local authority, which is required by law to protect personal data.


To avoid disputes related to compliance with the regulations mentioned in this Policy, I as a User of the site, when interacting with the Company through its site, consent to the collection and processing of my personal data. I am informed about the information about Cookie.

I am informed about and agreed with the purposes of processing provided by the Policy and with the Policy itself. I agree that the Company, as the owner of the site, has the right to provide access and/or transfer my personal data to third parties, without changing the purpose and aim of their processing, and without violating the laws, regulations, and directives that protect my right. Accordingly, I confirm and do not deny the collection and possible transfer of my personal information to third parties, I understand that these persons may be government agencies and/or third parties responsible for data processing, as well as contractors of the Company.


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