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What is a dedicated team structure?

Your own remote team that work with you directly

The dedicated team method allows creating a team considering each member's expertise level and the project's budget.

If you have complex long-term projects with unclear requirements, large internal projects, or projects that seek to grow and expand quickly — a dedicated team is a perfect solution for you.

Companies benefit from quality professional assistance without the need to invest in full-time staff. The client can manage the team themselves, and the administrative part of the work falls on the executing company.

Our Specialists

Experienced Professionals Exactly for Your Project

Back-end developers

We guarantee the smooth operation of your site, using the Laravel and Yii2 frameworks.

Front-end developers

Enjoy the perfect interface and choose the programming language – VueJS React or JS/HTML/CSS.

Quality Assurance Engineer

Our company provides several types of software testing so you can make sure our products are quality and functional. Make no doubt, we will take care of all your maintenance needs.

Project Manager

We only work with experienced managers, who are well-versed in overseeing the whole process and delegating the tasks.

Let’s talk about the process

Create a Team — Scale and Grow


How Do We Work

For a complete product development cycle, we build and manage a team specified to your requirements. Also, we are ready to change the team size at any time in case your project goals have changed.

We create useful, relevant, and profitable software products in cooperation with the product owner and the customer stakeholders. The dedicated development team is entirely focused on the required IT solutions. The customer can either manage the workflow or, due to our project manager, get the opportunity to focus on the primary business tasks.

Our Benefits

Choose Our Team and Spot the Benefits

A cost-effective alternative

The figures range widely, but for pricing, we count the monthly wages of all members of the team and some administrative costs.

Direct cooperation with the team

A client can manage the team themselves or take advantage of our project manager.

Transparent payment conditions

We keep the payment process simple and clear for both sides.

Quick tasks performing

With a dedicated team, you can easily change the project’s deadlines and conditions, be certain of the results and predict the completed tasks.

Adjustable team

During the work process, we can adjust the team size whenever you want if there’s any need.

Reaching the goals

We deeply plunge into a workflow process and adopt all your cultural values.

Let's start

Decided to Work with Us? Let’s Do it!

We are ready to configure the team size, set up the process according to your business goals, and introduce the finished product.
Our company offers the best prices thanks to the next reasons:
  • There’s no need for regular hiring costs;
  • You don't spend money on rent and equipment;
  • No taxes or accounting costs for in-house employees.

For the full cycle of product development, we create a team that includes a project manager, front-end and back-end developers, team lead, QA specialists, and other employees if needed. In collaboration with the product owner and customer stakeholders, we create effective, relevant, and beneficial software products. A dedicated development team is fully focused on IT solutions: the customer himself manages the workflow and gets the opportunity to focus on the priority tasks.

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