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e-Commerce Website Development

Properties of the online store

In the development of an online store, we carefully consider the following factors:

Imagining a business that solely operates offline is a challenge, given the potential of the online realm to generate leads and elevate brand recognition. Developing an online store is an effective proven way to sell online, improving user experience and automating sales.

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Design is increasingly emphasised by customers in the digital age. If the design is not current, the company's credibility will be undermined and the site will be closed. Besides, the website's speed will be slowed down if the design is too heavy, which means it contains a lot of animations and videos. The process of developing an e-commerce site for Asabix includes creating a design relevant and user-friendly design, accessible from all devices.
To create an online store, our team uses the Laravel framework, which is well-known for its fast speed due to optimised code, latest programming practices, and the efficient tools. To enhance performance of an online store, we utilise cached query results, database optimization and indexing, CDN for resource loading, asynchronous operations, and more.
Our Laravel-based online store is designed to prevent attacks by automatically generating and verifying CSRF tokens, using Bcrypt for secure password hashing, and applying Eloquent ORM and Query Builder to prevent SQL queries from being injected. Laravel has pre-made tools available for managing roles and access rights, which simplifies authorization management and safeguards against HTTP attacks.
To make it easier for future customers to find their desired sections, the Asabix team carefully crafts a straightforward and user-friendly menu and website navigation. Our developers achieve this attentive design and expert coding:
  • Using clear icons;
  • Placing sections in familiar locations;
  • Implementing subcategories;
  • Setting filters and product sorting;
  • Incorporating a section for viewed items;
  • Duplicating the menu in the footer, and so forth.
The website we created will be accessible on all current browsers and devices. The correct display is checked using tools like browserstack. In this article, we will explain how we develop responsive layouts, what approaches we employ, and how we diagnose problems.
SEO optimisation
Our developers will conduct the site's technical optimization, and our copywriters will make sure that the texts in the online store are SEO-optimised, which means they contain key queries in the correct ratio. The more optimised the site, the higher its search engine rankings for specific keywords, which can help people find you on search engines.
API integrations
To retain users and streamline the process of ordering goods, we integrate payment systems, delivery services, CRM systems, etc. into the development upon request.
For owners

Improving the productivity of the online store

Product information
Posting products requires complete information about them, including price, dimensions, photos, specifications, expiration date, delivery terms, and more. For a product to be sold successfully, customers must be able to find all information on the website with ease.
Technical support
Users may occasionally need help with problems and questions regarding products or orders. Having a technical support team that can provide assistance in solving problems can lead to increased sales and improved user experience. It is our recommendation to pay special attention to this.
The more quality information a user finds on a website, the more optimal the user experience becomes. Developing and creating content, which includes news, product reviews, articles with tips, blogs, and other materials, will improve SEO optimisation, attract users, and generate more leads and sales.

Template vs. creation from scratch

Asabix offers both customised online store development and ready-made templates:

from 1 month starting at $3000
Cheaper and faster. A design that is ready-made and slightly customised for the client is used. If you don't require originality or innovation and have a limited budget and time, this option is suitable for you.
from 4 months starting at $9000
Unique, but also more costly and time-consuming. Creating a turnkey online store enables you to incorporate any ideas and services and create a non-standard website architecture. A user-friendly and original online store can increase brand awareness and sales. It should be noted that Apple, Dior, and other major brands do not use templates for development at all.
Why us?

Ordering the creation of an online store at Asabix

Asabix can offer services whether you opt for a template or custom development. Our development of a turnkey online store is done using the Laravel framework, which is the most popular PHP framework. By creating an online store with us, you can be sure of its quality, speed, and convenience. Our advantages:

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Since 2017, we have been developing online stores. Our activities include creating a sitemap, generating robots.txt and sitemap.xml files, correcting URL implementation, and generating robots.txt and sitemap.xml files. We carry out all the necessary actions, even if you haven't discussed it.
Staged payment
We break down the sum into several instalments. Pay for the work done, not for promises.
Proven methodologies
Our approach entails leveraging the most efficient management tools and development practices to guarantee a streamlined web development process.
Get quick feedback during the workday and conveniently schedule meetings with the Project Manager.
Our work is our top priority and we always ask the right questions and clarify the details.
We ensure that the job comes to a successful conclusion. Our online stores are created according to the latest development standards and are easily scalable and compatible.

Our team comprises knowledgeable specialists, each grouped according to their expertise:

The developers are the team responsible for developing your online store. The code writing, store design, and debugging will all be done by them.
Managers are responsible for proactively overseeing the process of creating an online store. They brainstorm and come up with the best ways to put your ideas into practice.
QA managers carry tests on both functional and non-functional aspects of the project. Their job is to verify that the requirements specifications are being followed, the outcomes are expected, the site can be accessed on different devices, and any bugs or errors are present or absent.
The e-Commerce website's appearance and usability are the designer's responsibility. Any prototype for the visual representation they create will be implemented. They will inspect the placement of every icon and button.
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Frequently asked questions answered

What is the timeframe for creating an online store?

The outcome is contingent upon the requirements, website size, design, and other factors. In general, it takes 1-6 months to develop.

Who fills the online store?

The administration panel allows you to do it on your own. We will guide and assist you in uploading products by using an import file.

Is a monthly fee required for the online store?

No, you pay us in stages throughout the product development process. Monthly payments are made for the server, domain, and SSL certificate at $10 per year. In case it's necessary, we'll also sign a maintenance contract for the finished store.

Can I use the API to connect to another service?

If the outside service has this feature, we can link any service to your online store on request.

How much does a hosting cost?

Tariffs costing at least $40 per month are recommended for fast work.

How to manage content?

We offer a user-friendly administration panel where you can manage products (create, edit, delete, etc.), orders and customers (view and process orders, maintain history), content (create and edit articles, for example), and apply SEO settings (fill in metadata, etc.).

Additional options like reports, marketing tool management, and email editing are also implemented by us.

Why is the development cost higher on a framework compared to a CMS?

Yes, CMS is cheaper, but it comes with templated designs, lower security, limitations due to the CMS core, lack of customization options for the control panel, slowdowns caused by installed modules, and other drawbacks. Our product is a distinct development, resulting in a perfect website with a robust design and seamless operation.

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Sum up

A top-tier online store acts as a platform to enhance sales, strengthen brand recognition, and elevate user experience.

The most efficient way is to place an order for the creation of an online store.

Trust the professionals: Asabix will assist in developing an online store with either a tailored or templated design. With seven years of expertise and a track record of satisfied clients, we eagerly anticipate the opportunity to work with you!


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