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Custom CRM Development

Properties of own CRM System

Optimise your business with a custom CRM

Owning a CRM system is an essential step for any business. All information in one system provides high-quality service, increases sales and resource savings, and is the basis for successful strategies in the future. Since 2017, we have been developing CRMs of varying complexity, and our systems are scalable, secure, and user-friendly.

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Optimisation and performance
We implement reliable tools and latest development practices. Our CRMs, developed on the Laravel framework, boast impressive performance. We increase their efficiency by indexing data, caching, and asynchronous operations, ensuring flawless information processing. The system's prompt response is guaranteed for any operation, whether it's order processing, analytics, or document management.
Data protection and security
Our CRMs benefit from well-chosen development tools with built-in security features. These include meticulously crafted access and authorisation levels, encryption of confidential information (including cookies), generation and verification of CSRF tokens against CSRF attacks, protection against SQL injections, and much more. All this provides reliable protection from unwanted user actions and unauthorised access.
Simplicity and minimalism
Unlike standard solutions, our CRM solves are customised to fit your business needs. You'll appreciate the well-designed modules, intuitive navigation, and quick access to functions. A platform you will find enjoyable to use is complemented by a minimalist, professional design and an intuitive UX concept.
Flexibility and scalability
In bespoke CRM development, we employ a modular approach that divides the code into separate components. By involving the entire team simultaneously, conducting testing in parallel, and making local changes, the modular approach significantly speeds up development. We use microservice architecture in high-load systems where each part of the project is created, executed, and scaled separately, but all interact with each other.
API integrations
The Asabix team can easily do integration of any API service into the new CRM. As an automation bridge between CRM and other companies, we will also offer our Restful API. Flexibility and adaptiveness will be possible with this.
Perfect compatibility
Due to the adaptive layout, our CRM is designed to be displayed correctly on all current browsers and platforms. The most accurate visualisation is provided by the browserstack tools used for system testing.
Efficiency boost
Streamline your work with staff and clients. Automated systems eliminate the human factor. The majority of manual day-to-day tasks, such as reporting, notifications, and document creation using templates, will now be automated. Eliminating human error allows you to have more resources for providing the best sales/service experience.
Data collection & reporting
A CRM system is an effective business tool. Our meticulously designed CRM database streamlines the extraction of vital information for customers, orders, and sales, enabling the generation of comprehensive financial and accounting reports. Gain valuable insights into your company's efficiency, conversion rates, and customer acquisition costs with ease.
Transparency and control
No matter how complex the logic behind business processes may seem, your management system will give you control over everything. CRM is a data ecosystem that is transparent and can receive information about the customer journey, company processes, and employee productivity instantly. Making business decisions and developing successful marketing strategies requires this data.
About us

We have great experts on our team!

ASABIX is a company based in multiple countries. Our main asset is the team. Our close-knit team comes together due to our enthusiasm, friendly demeanour towards each other and our customers, and desire to implement complicated systems. Our coordinated work ensures that all resources are directed toward quality and results.
our designers pay extra attention to the visual aspect and ensure that the finished systems are functional and beautiful, with a pleasant minimalist interface.
both back-end and front-end CRM developers construct the application's core, deploy it on the server, and initiate integration with other systems.
carefully create strategies for developing a CRM system,
considering every detail.
real-life scenarios are used by testers to run the finished system, passing every step that the future user will go through.
Project managers
ensure that all team members have a smooth interaction, guiding them towards a high-quality outcome and long-term relationships with the client.

Comparison of template solution and bespoke CRM

The IT industry has produced more than a dozen ready-made cloud solutions by 2024. The maximum functionality is available for most types of companies, with popular integrations and additional extensions. The speed of installing and configuring these platforms is quicker than developing a custom CRM system with all the business features in mind. But the advantages are actually over. Let's compare both approaches:
Custom development
The fact that cloud-based CRM systems are designed for different types of companies makes them always bloated and difficult to use. Moreover, businesses are required to pay for functionality they do not require.
A bespoke CRM contains only the necessary functionality tailored to the company’s key workflows. The interface becomes more user-friendly and manageable due to this.
Despite the many functions offered by template CRMs, they still tend to be more superficial and tailored to a business's specific needs. This results in most companies using additional services to oversee specific processes.
Custom CRM is a solution that is tailored to specific business processes. It`s system that encompasses all steps and reports is necessary. The centralization and optimization of all processes is the main focus.
Increasing a business often necessitates additional access levels or complicated automatic reports. New modules need to be developed, but CRM providers do not offer such solutions for companies.
During the tailored development and implementation of bespoke CRM systems, the technical team is ready to integrate new solutions and remove outdated ones, keeping CRM easy and fast.
Cloud CRM is a SaaS solution. This means that the entire system is hosted in the cloud and depends on the stability and reliability of the provider's server. Failures are common, and online cybercriminals are well aware of the vulnerabilities of popular CRM applications. Moreover, cloud CRM may not comply with high security and compliance standards, which could result in the leakage of sensitive information.
CRM development from scratch gives one complete control over the code and its security from the outset. Your chosen server hosts the system, and we guarantee its reliable connection to the database, accurate data transfer, proper encryption, and vulnerability scanning.
Monthly/annual subscriptions for out-of-the-box solutions are common and tend to have hidden payments. Buying the system may result in the need for additional features or additional payment for storage limit.
In customised orders, the customer is only responsible for paying for the development of the product and agrees to receive further technical support if they choose. The system's efficiency and long-term savings are a result of its payoff.
There are only a few vendors who feel proud of their professional technical support. support teams are often located far from Europe, the USA, or Ukraine. In any case, customisation of the purchased system is a paid service.
When developing the CRM system, the same team that created the product provides technical support. These companies are always conscious of their reputation and prioritise customer satisfaction.

Building bespoke CRM our 7-step approach

We are not only developers; we are also partners for our clients. The implementation of our customised CRM systems has been a success in the USA, UK, Spain, Lithuania, Czech Republic, UAE, Ukraine, and Poland. Our journey began by providing support for off-the-shelf CRMs, possessing exemplary knowledge of their pain points, weaknesses, and shortcomings.
Business analysis and preparation of the technical task.
We will ask you a detailed question about your company's business processes and come up with a technical task. We will also find out what limitations of the template CRM you have encountered and what ideas you would like to implement.
Defining aims.
We will write down clear goals and create a mind map:
  • What the finished system should be like.
  • What it should be able to do.
  • What is essential for end users?
Interface design.
We will develop UI/UX, design, interface, functions, and intuitive navigation. The user journey will be planned and scaling will be included at this point.
Development of modules.
We will develop and test the primary and secondary modules of the application, deploy them on the server, and write the business logic for the interaction between the components.
Data protection.
We will protect data integrity, define access levels and authentication, and ensure reliable encryption.
System integration and setting up access.
We will tailor the product to your specifications and train your staff to work with the system.
Support agreement.
At the customer's request, we conclude a contract for long-term technical support of CRM.
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Sum up

How to order a bespoke CRM system from Asabix?

Optimise your business with a custom CRM Asabix.
Because we work quickly and smoothly, and thanks to our extensive experience developing automated systems, we successfully implement non-standard and complex business processes in CRM. Our project management tools and workflows are based on international practices, which makes it possible to predict results accurately.

Our expertise in CRM system configurations for business allows us to go above and beyond for our clients. We incorporate a logging process for security and auditing user actions, and we refine multi-level access and password protection.

The process of paying for CRM development is divided into logical and convenient stages that have clearly defined results. Your CRM will have a unique design and functionality that is not available anywhere else, and it will not be affected by external factors or provider instability. Your business, your rules.

After installing a unified CRM solves, you can easily manage all your business processes on a well-designed, unified platform and remain calm. The Asabix team is always accessible and it's easy to schedule a call and implement new features or updates. By using Asabix, our clients can verify that all developments have been finished and every task has been completed in a professional manner. Furthermore, our code is so clean that other contractors can easily scale our CRM system in the future.

Frequently asked questions answered

What is CRM?

CRM, as a software development, is a system for automating such relationships and storing customer data. It also provides valuable data analytics, which are essential for any successful business venture.

What types of CRM does Asabix create?

The Asabix team offers a full range of services for the development, installation, configuration, modification, and support of custom CRM applications:

  • WMS - warehouse management;
  • ERP - enterprise business process automation;
  • LMS - learning management system;
  • MES - production management;
  • Bespoke systems for various other types of companies.
What functionality can be included in a CRM system?

Any type you want that will be useful for your business. All implementations are possible and exciting for us, and custom CRM development is our expert profile.

How much will the server cost?

We recommend reliable servers with tariffs starting from $40 per month for the high speed and security of CRM systems.

Can you customise an existing CRM?

Indeed, we are developing CRM and other systems based on the Laravel framework. If you already have a pre-built solution, we are ready to consider opportunities to upgrade it and adapt it to your needs.

How do we order the development of a CRM program?

Entrust the development of a CRM system for your business to the Asabix team. Contact us. We are looking forward to working with you!

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