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Quality Assurance — the best way to prevent the mistakes

Spend funds on testing now — conserve the money in a long-term basis

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By investing in a team of QA testers, you will significantly reduce the risks of losing money in the future.

Do not neglect the testing of your product, especially if you work with medium or large projects: an initially imperceptible mistake may result in loss of thousands of dollars due to, for example, incorrect debiting of funds, erroneous calculation of the commission, and so on.

In the development process, we use code review and write unit tests, which considerably reduces the risks of incorrect decisions. But this is not always enough to understand how the site will work if there is not one, but a thousand positions on the page with pagination, how different currencies will be converted, how validations work, are the titles of fields translated clearly, and so on.

Of course, each specialist checks the task after its completion, but this control cannot be accurate, since there can be dozens of scenarios for identifying an error. Moreover, a developer is better off creating a code itself than thinking of «cheating the system» and finding the problem.

Kinds of QA

Try the way that fits exactly for your project





Manual testing

Experts check the project in manual mode, repeating the actions that the user will do on the site in the future. Actions depend on the purposes of testing, due to which different types of tests can be carried out: testing of the user interface, security, performance and other types of checks.

Experts, according to the project documentation, check the functionality of the product through a browser or by viewing the code, while maximizing the number of applied actions for the same function in order to load and disable the system.

Testers prepare documentation, recording the method of detecting a bug so that specialists can repeat and fix the error in the future, and, in the case of automatic testing, add this script to the autotests.

We check a backend, a frontend, and an API operation. In the development process, our team provides a comparison of layout and page make-up, as well as checks the cross-browser compatibility with the help of emulators and the real devices (IOS, Android, Windows).

Automatic testing

Automatic tests can be applied instead of or together with manual testing. Experts set a script for the test that repeats the actions at the specified time.

Automatic tests will save the project budget since they are written once but can function throughout the whole life of the project. Consider that it is necessary to modernize the tests if new functions were added to the site.

A report will be generated after each launch of these tests. It can be sent to the mail or messenger both to the tester and customer.

Our specialists use such tools: Selenium, PHPUnit, Cypress, Jenkins, Gitlab, and others.


What do we offer: list of the services

  • Functional testing:

    Regression testing, sanity testing, smoke testing, system testing, acceptance testing, monkey testing.

  • Non functional:

    Volume testing, load testing, usability testing.

  • Cross-browser & cross-device testing.

  • API testing.

  • Security testing.

  • Unit and integration testing.

Communication process

Why can we guarantee tested and reliable product?

We allocate enough time for the communication to make the task ready for release. All specialists, involved in the project, must understand the essence and purpose of the user story. We, at Asabix, work in Scrum, so the process is predictable and each iteration has clear functionality. To connect we use such programs as Jira, Slack, Skype, Git, Google Docs, instant messengers, and also hold daily meetings with the team.

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