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How IT Technologies Support Ukrainian Brands

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According to reports, the demand for Ukrainian products peaked in the early years of the war and is now slowly declining. However, Ukrainian brands today go beyond souvenirs and gifts; they have become an integral part of everyday life. Clothing, footwear, accessories, cosmetics, tableware, jewelry, and more represent the high-quality and stylish products offered by Ukrainian brands.

Ukrainian brands are domestically produced and carry a unique identity. As a web development company that collaborates with many brands, we have observed a growing demand for Ukrainian products.

Ukrainian brands are proving their resilience by turning challenges into new opportunities today.

What makes Ukrainian brands attractive?

Ukrainian brands are typically distinguished by bold and unconventional ideas in both form and material, which capture the attention of global fashion connoisseurs. This appeals to foreign audiences — the opportunity to express their individuality. They value modern Ukrainian fashion with its artistic touches, regularly combining the aesthetics of different eras with a unique approach to craftsmanship.

Among the popular Ukrainian brands in accessories, clothing, and home goods are: Etnodim, Ptakha, Bevza, VOVK, Rikky Hype, TM byMe, COOSH, The Coat by Katya Silchenko, Cher’17, Varenyky Fashion, Vita Kin, Foberini, Lelitka, GEPUR Snaked, Sleeper, Indposhiv Custom Suits, Yuliya Magdych, My Sleeping Gypsy, Gushka, Guzema Fine Jewelry, Kachorovska, the Lace, Kochut, Gunia, Yalanzhi Objects, Yasyk, Litkovskaya, Osha, Brunch Homeware, Maria's dreams, Coocoo Store, Woolkrafts, Woodstuff home and many others.

Unique designer products, such as clothing, tableware, home goods, and souvenirs, are becoming more popular abroad. Traditional crafts are a reflection of Ukraine’s rich and diverse heritage. The combination of minimalist European style resonates with European youth. Additionally, Ukrainian craftsmanship is reputed for employing high-quality materials like linen, wood, and ceramics.

Among Ukrainian brands, there are many successful examples of how events in the country have helped their development. Etnodim, with whom we collaborate, was the first brand to highlight the comfort of the vyshyvanka for daily wear by women, men, and children. Syndicate Original teamed up with American rapper Snoop Dogg to create a clothing line. The popularity of Ukrainian fashion was significantly boosted for the first time when Frolov’s brand successfully showcased its collection at New York Fashion Week in 2023, gaining global recognition.

Bridging distances: a new level of business

Local businesses are facing a significant challenge due to forced relocation to safer regions or other countries. Sellers and customers were situated in distinct areas, sometimes even on opposite sides of the border. Small businesses have begun concerted efforts to establish an online presence to maintain their connections. Cross-border e-commerce has proven invaluable, enabling loyal customers to purchase their favorite brands on global marketplaces.

Many brands have continued to explore creative ways to promote their products. They’ve been upgrading their websites and optimizing logistics. International shipping options include Ukrposhta, DHL, FedEx, Meest, and Nova Poshta International. Ukrainian brands aiming to expand their presence in global markets have also embraced SkladUSA. This service offers cost-effective consolidated shipping, warehousing in Europe and the USA, and direct shipping from those locations. Additionally, some business owners personally transport small batches of goods and participate in international fairs and various events.

Businesswomen who frequently present their products in other European countries express in their interviews that international entrepreneurs are increasingly interested in collaborating with Ukrainian brands. Adaptive business strategies are helping to overcome the obstacles of uncertainty, air attacks, blackouts, and production disruptions. Modern e-commerce websites have become the hubs for customer interaction, while production centers have been relocated to other regions. Social media, social engagement, and even artificial intelligence technologies have been instrumental in expanding their audience.

Shopping at fingertips: the power of modern technology

Ukrainian brands are thrilled with the new technology that lets customers browse entire catalogs and order products from almost anywhere in the country. Ukrainian telecom operators’ expansion of affordable 4G networks beyond city limits and modern web development are the reasons for this progress. IT technologies are becoming more advanced daily, and the arrival of 5G coverage is just around the corner, creating new possibilities for online business.

“We’re seeing a huge interest in everything Ukrainian. Our online store shows that the traditional embroidered shirt, or vyshyvanka, isn’t just for special occasions but is also a stylish everyday garment that pairs well with other wardrobe pieces. The speed and ease of our website allowed us to showcase entire galleries of high-quality photos, which have significantly boosted our sales.”

—  Etnodim

Websites are now designed to be so fast and user-friendly that they can easily host large, high-quality photos and even 3D views of their products. Moreover, these online stores are highly responsive to different screen sizes. According to Statista, 79.26% of Ukrainians accessed the internet via smartphones in 2023, and research by Gradus suggests this figure is as high as 95%. Most online stores and marketplaces make it effortless for customers to purchase items and pay for them immediately through integrations with both Ukrainian and international payment systems, such as Google Pay and Apple Pay, making it incredibly convenient. The trust in the security of these payments is reinforced by the rapid delivery of selected goods and the option for returns or exchanges. Compared to the global market, this is a new phenomenon for Ukrainian e-commerce, but the positive experiences gained from such purchases yield positive outcomes. Despite being in a different city or country, users continue to buy online from the brands they are accustomed to and trust.

Modern web development makes these purchases secure, and websites are fast and user-friendly. It’s crucial to choose the right technology choice, which is why we use the Laravel framework — a global standard in web development. Ukrainian legislation and GDPR require online stores to protect customers’ confidential data, mainly credit card information. CSRF tokens, SQL injection, and unauthorized access are just some common cyber threats Laravel has built-in mechanisms to defend against. User passwords are securely stored, payment data is inaccessible, and order information stays unchanged during transactions. The hired web development team is responsible for ensuring that the configuration and coding practices are proper.

Ukrainian e-commerce today

Regarding the growth of the online sales sector, after a logical decline in 2022, the volume of e-commerce in Ukraine began to rise in 2023, reaching 151 billion UAH — 17% more than in 2022. According to Statista’s forecasts, in 2024, Ukraine’s e-commerce market revenue is projected to reach USD 1,755 million and potentially grow to $4,865 million by 2029, with an estimated 9.8 million users!

Ecommerse chart

This is excellent news, and it also means that the digital market will become even more competitive. That’s why many Ukrainian brands invest heavily in maintaining an active online presence rather than relying on marketplace listings.

Business without boundaries: embracing new technologies

Today, a standalone website can be more than just a marketing tool; it can transform into a powerful business instrument enhanced by AI technologies. Products don’t get lost among thousands of others, and sophisticated design with pixel-perfect navigation is proven to convert visitors into actual buyers. Marketplaces can be a magnificent first step for a business, but they have limitations.

First and foremost, there is a dependence on algorithms, where sales can suddenly halt in a single day without understanding why. Advertising and discounts may not help, only to discover that some algorithms have changed. Businesses are only sometimes protected from this, as there are known cases where manufacturers from other countries copy photos of others’ products, produce similar items, and sell them at a fraction of the cost. At the same time, the marketplace blocks the original sellers instead of the plagiarists. Additionally, the complaint system on marketplaces still needs improvement, and sometimes, the ratings of legitimate brands suffer due to malicious or competitor-hired buyers. Therefore, it proves beneficial to combine this sales channel with a standalone website, which is owned by the brand and allows for better control over its image.

A website: beyond the storefront

A dedicated website can convey much more about products and the brand than an offline salesperson or a marketplace page. Additionally, it serves as a rich source of detailed information about customers and their preferences. Numerous modern tools, including contextual advertising and advanced SEO practices, are available to achieve high search engine rankings.

On social media, Ukrainian brands build loyal communities and actively participate in the country’s life by engaging in various projects and initiatives. For instance, Etnodim managed to raise over 1 million hryvnias to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine through collective efforts, and other well-known brands are also making significant contributions. These brands prioritize using local materials, providing jobs, and paying taxes. The growing support for the Ukrainian language and values among Ukrainian brands is increasingly reflected in their marketing strategies. Transitioning from social media or Google search to a clean, professional website speaks volumes about the brand’s quality and status.

According to a study by Stanford University, 75% of users admit that they judge a company’s credibility based on its website design. Sleek, elegant fonts, clean, intuitive navigation, and impressive site speed—even when filled with high-resolution product photos that reveal every detail—are also craftsmanship. Behind the best websites, much like exquisite crafts, there is a talented development team and the right choice of tools.

“Technology is what drives business forward. That’s why we help Ukrainian brands create their own success stories.”

—  Asabix

Our favorite framework, Laravel, is more than just a tool — it’s a development philosophy that prioritizes elegance, simplicity, and robustness. These qualities resonate perfectly with our Ukrainian spirit. Laravel seamlessly merges technological excellence with creative freedom, allowing users to fully appreciate a brand’s aesthetic.

E-commerce platforms, CRM, and ERP systems built with Laravel are efficient and meet global standards. With built-in SEO capabilities and extensive tools and libraries, Laravel equips developers to create any feature an online store might need. These features become crucial as the business scales when order volumes exceed the capacity of a small workshop, necessitating a warehouse and web-based logistics solutions. Web products must quickly adapt to business growth and seamlessly integrate with other systems.

Moreover, technology has leaped forward: artificial intelligence has emerged as an unexpected ally in sales and marketing today.

AI: the future is here

The capabilities of ChatGPT have already amazed many, but only some know it is actively being integrated into business processes. Forward-thinking teams such as Asabix are integrating AI technologies into e-commerce platforms and various systems, enabling web products to have unique functionalities. These cutting-edge GPT features include AI chatbots for customer support, idea and content generation, personalized customer offers, automated email marketing, competitor analysis, and more.

Every day, the capabilities of GPT expand, bringing new and exciting features to online stores. It’s no longer just about creating custom embroidery designs or ordering shirts with name-code patterns. Now, we have virtual fitting rooms, AI-driven style recommendations based on photos, enhanced custom tailoring options, technique execution tips, personalized competent advice, and suggestions for complementary products. And that’s just the beginning. GPT can recognize patterns, generate realistic images of models from different angles, provide detailed fashion advice, and even simulate interactions with a live manager.

Moreover, when combined with AI, a Laravel-based site becomes more than just a brand’s showcase — it becomes a source of insights. GPT can analyze Google Analytics data on user behavior, including browsing history, search queries, and purchase history. It can also segment users by their interests, demographics, and preferences. This structured information forms the basis for making critical business decisions about marketing campaigns and demand forecasting.

In summary

Our belief is that Ukrainian brands have a vast amount of potential, and technology can have a significant impact on the world. Our mission is to help you unlock this potential with reliable web solutions, which are now indispensable for modern business. Ukrainian companies can achieve confident success in the future by using the right strategies to navigate challenging times.

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