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Leveraging GPT for Online Business

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Artificial intelligence has become quite commonplace recently, and it’s hard to imagine the internet without cloud computing, the hypnotic effect of TikTok (yes, that’s AI, too), and its other models. The future is here and is even more impressive than we predicted. Without question,  GPT technology is astonishing, and what's even more impressive is its simplicity.

The emergence of GPT for business is frequently likened to a modern-day gold rush. GPT’s impressive abilities to communicate in “human language,” create illustrations, generate ideas, draft strategies, and process vast amounts of data have already been applied to attract customers and increase sales across various sectors. Companies like Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google/DeepMind, IBM, and Microsoft are partnering to advance AI programs. The US financial sector alone is expected to spend $85 billion on generative AI by 2030!

What can GPT do? It’s already well-established as a tool for writing articles and communicating with customers. But what about analyzing financial expenses, building marketing or business strategies, and testing the viability of new ideas? Becoming a part of your web product? OpenAI’s latest GPT versions are now accessible to everyone, from individuals to small and large businesses. The only task left is exploring them and finding your “golden vein.”

What is GPT?

GPT, or Generative Pre-trained Transformer, is the latest AI model from the research company OpenAI. ChatGPT is a chatbot powered by GPT, which enables it to understand language and respond accordingly. ChatGPT faces competition from other chatbots, including Google’s Bard (Gemini) and Microsoft’s Bing Chat. ChatGPT is a chatbot that uses GPT to understand language and generate responses. The capabilities of GPT itself are much broader: content generation, language translation, data analysis, and much more. Additionally, ChatGPT can converse and respond in various languages in real time, providing convenience and accessibility for users from different countries.

GPT is changing the game by mimicking the functioning of human brain neural networks. Each artificial neuron receives data — pixels from an image or words from the text — processes it, and transmits it further, creating complex networks for recognizing and analyzing data (similar to facial recognition on the phone). What’s new in GPT technology is that each data fragment has a “weight” like a coefficient, and all these weights are summed up. The network decides whether to pass this data along or focus on more important ones to save resources. This “attention” mechanism is what turned out to be revolutionary. With advancements in machine learning algorithms and access to big data made possible by the internet, this marked a new era in AI development. Moreover, GPT is self-learning every second!

The newest iteration, GPT-4o, is twice as fast and available at half the cost through API integration. It benefited from insights provided by over 70 external experts in areas like social psychology, misinformation, bias, and fairness. As a result, its responses are even more precise, and its capabilities are awe-inspiring.

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How can GPT transform your business?

GPT has the potential to revolutionize all business processes by eliminating routine tasks and managing large volumes of data. It operates outside time constraints: tasks that once took days to complete can now be done in seconds, whether complex analytical challenges or creative endeavors.

Let’s look at some well-known roles GPT can play in an online business and how it can alleviate your team’s workload.

AI assistant

ChatGPT has emerged as a go-to tool for handling routine tasks, serving as a valuable “assistant” for employees worldwide. According to a 2023 survey of professionals in the US, 37% had already utilized AI to aid with work tasks, with some leveraging ChatGPT and others opting for alternatives like Gemini, highlighting the absence of a monopoly in this market. Through such interactions, users can conveniently voice-command tasks such as creating technical specifications (with ChatGPT accurately preparing and formatting everything), analyzing data, drafting documents, generating content, working with spreadsheets, and more. This versatility is particularly valued by startup owners with limited resources, who appreciate having an IT jack-of-all-trades.

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One of ChatGPT’s most appreciated features is its knack for delivering precise and concise answers. For instance, we can seamlessly integrate this chatbot into your website interface, enabling users to ask ChatGPT any questions directly. For example, they might inquire why the Laravel framework is preferable for building a specific application. This aids the client's decision-making process, as ChatGPT delivers a summary instead of merely stating that a particular framework is excellent.

ChatGPT is an invaluable tool for brainstorming when seeking fresh ideas for products, marketing campaigns, or enhancing business processes. For instance, if you’re deliberating on your new website's design and struggling to decide on a direction, you can prompt the chat to present examples of websites from reputable clothing and jewelry brands. This enables you to swiftly peruse trends and concepts, pinpointing what captures your interest the most.

The new GPT-4o model has revolutionized communication by extending its capabilities to analyze audio, video, and text in real time. This means that during a video call, a live person can assess your surroundings, recognize background music, and instantly analyze uploaded files and illustrations. Unlike its predecessor, GPT-4, which required a complex process involving multiple models to convert text to voice and back, GPT-4o streamlines the process with a single neural network handling everything. This advancement enables AI to contribute actively as an additional intelligent voice in team discussions. Now, you can consult it aloud and receive audio responses.

Content Generator

GPT excels in writing, and its capabilities improve with each new version. Although these texts still have room for improvement and may require some guidance, they serve well as drafts. While not ideal for pure SEO promotion due to their need for patient prompts, they provide a solid foundation for further refinement.

  • Creating articles on a given topic with necessary keywords.
  • Describing numerous products in catalogs.
  • Translating texts in real-time.
  • Writing posts for blogs and social media.
  • Summarizing texts for company news.

These capabilities make GPT a valuable asset for content creation, helping businesses maintain a consistent and engaging online presence.

Unexpectedly, ChatGPT also showcases its prowess in naming. Our website offers a web form for building an online store, allowing clients to choose the features they desire for their potential site. However, anticipating that clients might require a name for their new venture, we introduced a distinctive form integrated with ChatGPT. Users can input essential details into this form and instantly receive imaginative name suggestions.

And these are just a few examples. GPT is primarily a language model, and we expect even more exciting text-related capabilities that will be particularly appreciated in the digital business sector.

AI marketer

Thanks to its capabilities in analyzing behavioral data, personalizing based on client profiles, dynamically generating recommendations, integrating with chatbots, and continuously improving algorithms, GPT is increasingly being recognized as a powerful tool in online marketing.

For instance, GPT can assist in:

  • Analyzing and forecasting trends in the relevant business sector;
  • Conducting A/B testing of different recommendation approaches;
  • Determining which strategies work best for different client groups;
  • Creating and automating email campaigns;
  • Reminding clients about purchases ahead of holidays and other occasions;
  • Adding personalized offers to the shopping cart.

Unquestionably, AI is still far from employees' abilities, but implementing such innovations can become a significant advantage in a competitive environment.

Chatbot for customers

The most significant benefit of GPT for e-commerce is that chatbots provide instant customer support on the website in real-time, 24/7. In the OpenAI store, you can choose a chatbot to your liking, and web development companies will help integrate the selected one into your web product. If a bot is “trained” with pre-defined question-answer scenarios tailored to a business, it can:

  • Respond to customer inquiries regarding product information, delivery status, or return policies;
  • Aid in locating available stock for desired products;
  • Clarify order specifics;
  • Manage returns and address complaints;
  • Suggest supplementary services like parcel insurance;
  • Monitor and analyze customer feedback on the website;
  • Continuously improve its performance based on new customer interactions.

Often, customers don’t even realize they are talking to AI. One recent study showed that ChatGPT performs excellently as a consultant, mimicking communication with a live person. From the latest research, 67% of respondents noted that GPT fully understood their query. This is why leading market players like Shopify, eBay, Booking.com, and Coursera have already integrated ChatGPT into their platforms and achieved excellent results.

GPT is capable of being integrated into websites or online stores, and other web applications that include corporate portals, CRM, HRM, SCM, BI, and ERP systems.  AI capabilities will allow for the significant expansion of services and take them to a new level.

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At Asabix, we developed a logistics web application featuring an integrated online calculator. This tool allows clients to input shipment parameters such as origin, destination, weight, and dimensions and then receive optimal delivery options. What sets our application apart is the incorporation of ChatGPT, which analyzes previous customer inquiries, return rates, delays, and existing carrier complaints to provide tailored recommendations. Now, clients receive a basic calculation of delivery options and a comprehensive response akin to a live manager’s. For instance, they might hear, “Based on our analysis, we recommend option ‘D’, the top choice among clients last month. This option offers a mid-range cost. Alternatively, consider option ‘B’ if you prioritize cost over speed.” This personalized approach has significantly enhanced customer support, providing clients with more informative and tailored recommendations.


From an analytics standpoint, GPT can swiftly sift through vast datasets, offering vital insights for business decisions on customer behavior, marketing campaign effectiveness, and other key metrics. It can analyze uploaded files in text or table format and even process photos via the chat interface using AI. The latest version of GPT can generate graphs and charts directly in the chat, instantly visualizing data.

Artificial intelligence can analyze, filter, sort, segment data, and draw logical conclusions. This allows companies to be proactive and adapt their strategies in response to the ever-evolving online market. API integration allows you to integrate artificial intelligence into your CRM interface, corporate portal, or any other web application.

HR Manager

GPT is already used for vital HR processes in companies, saving considerable time. This includes crafting job descriptions, handling applications, sifting through resumes to find specific criteria, drafting contracts, creating HR documentation, and other text-related tasks.

With GPT, gathering employee feedback on various aspects of work and training and creating career development plans for each employee, considering their interests, strengths, and goals, is possible. GPT can also conduct training sessions that focus on developing soft skills, such as communication, leadership, and time management. It can also model scenarios for conflict management or negotiations and implement various motivation systems like gamification.

Of course, no AI can match the empathy of live HR managers. But AI can reduce the paperwork, deliver precise insights into company processes, and help optimize staffing.

In summary

GPT has enormous potential to improve a variety of business operations. What we have listed in the article is far from a complete list of its capabilities because something new appears daily. The OpenAI company has already released over a hundred plugins that can be added to ChatGPT to optimize your daily routine.

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Undoubtedly, even the most modern AI model cannot replace the truly human connection between the brand and the user. Therefore, we recommend using such technologies strategically because they are tools.

Explore and experiment. While businesses overcome inertia, GPT technologies open new horizons in every field. Our team of experts is ready to bring your ideas to life, using the power of artificial intelligence through API integration into your web product.

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