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In the field of public catering, especially when a company is popular, the systematization of orders and proposals for customers plays a crucial role. Without a user-friendly interface that satisfies both clients and employees, along with a clear inventory management system, it is impossible to ensure fast and high-quality service. ASABIX Web Studio is a team of true professionals in creating top-notch services for companies operating in the restaurant and food delivery industry. We understand the importance of developing attractive and efficient websites that allow you to manage orders, track and optimize business operations. Our experience and professionalism guarantee that your business will have a reliable partner for successful development and providing excellent service to your customers.

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Opportunities and benefits of website development for restaurants

The website must align with the set objectives and promptly address users' issues. A potential customer will switch to another service provider if the delivery service website operates slowly, provides limited information, or displays inaccurately on various devices or browsers. Customers appreciate intuitive navigation, a convenient cart with order editing capabilities, and prompt handling of inquiries. The competition in the ready-to-eat food market is high, and the number of orders directly depends on the optimization of online services.

Key tasks

  1. Creating different catalogs for each serviced city so that customers have access only to products from their location. Provide the user with the option to specify the delivery address on the map or through geolocation, simplifying and speeding up the ordering process;
  2. Implementing a loyalty program, including bonuses, promotional offers, discount calculations, and cashback;
  3. Developing a user-friendly personal account with phone number authentication, where users can view their order history, applied discounts, personalized offers, and other details;
  4. Provide a detailed description of dishes, menus, and information about ingredients, allowing users to easily choose what they like and avoid potential allergic reactions;
  5. Creating a "Cart" page with additional options - adding special ingredients to selected dishes, choosing the preferred delivery time, online payment capability, and other features;
  6. The website should be well-optimized for search engines to ensure potential customers can easily find it in search results;
  7. Enable users to leave reviews about food quality and service, as well as rate each dish. This will increase user trust and provide an opportunity for service improvement;
  8. Develop a system for convenient order management, including order processing and tracking, notifying users about delivery status, and offering customer support communication;
  9. "Mobile first" - a design principle where the focus is on developing for mobile devices first. Adhere to this approach as the percentage of orders from mobile devices is higher than from other sources.

Synchronization with restaurant services

Integrating the restaurant's website with food delivery services offers several advantages and strategic reasons that make this step important for successful business:

  1. Collaborating with popular food delivery services allows your restaurant to reach a wider audience. These platforms already have an established customer base seeking diverse offers;
  2. Major delivery services often provide optimized logistic solutions, which can reduce delivery time and increase customer satisfaction;
  3. When your restaurant is integrated with popular delivery services, it can enhance its visibility in search engines since many users search for "food delivery" through these platforms;
  4. Some delivery services offer marketing tools, such as advertisements or promotional offers, that can help attract more customers;

It is essential to choose reliable and popular delivery platform partners to ensure quality customer service and achieve maximum efficiency from the collaboration.

Food delivery websites for our clients

We have participated in the development of the following projects:

The development of a website for a food delivery company requires experience and an understanding of the weaknesses and mistakes present in customer service. A web developer or project manager must study in detail the entire scheme of work inside and be able to put himself in the place of the customer in order to create a product that really solves the tasks. As a result of our work, clients receive fast and high-quality service, and restaurant managers benefit from a convenient ordering system that can be easily mastered in just a few hours. Another advantage is the analytics compatible with public catering enterprise software, which visually demonstrates the results of our work. Moreover, now fewer clients seek consultation from managers, as data has become accessible online. Reducing the workload on the staff has allowed us to process orders more efficiently and has decreased the risk of errors.


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