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Foundational technical SEO optimisation during web project development encompasses:
  1. Establishing correct URL structures;
  2. Configuring seamless page transitions (logo);
  3. Enabling 301 redirects;
  4. Configuring rel="alternate" for language variants;
  5. Introducing the opening of websites in new tabs for all external links;
  6. Ensuring validity and accuracy of markup;
  7. Implementing the capability to specify unique and template meta tags: title, description, H1;
  8. Generating ALT and title attributes for images;
  9. Crafting Breadcrumb trails;
  10. Fine-tuning page indexing for search, main pages, pagination, and other technical pages;
  11. Configuring canonical link presentation;
  12. Integrating microdata;
  13. Implementing a proper sitemap.xml;
  14. Foundational configuration of robots.txt;
  15. Optimising images on the site;
  16. Enhancing performance based on pagespeed.web.dev recommendations.