A web-project optimization - 3 ways to increase webpages page speed

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A web-project optimization - 3 ways to increase webpages page speed

How increase webpages page speed in a simple way? You have developed a website design, found all the relevant images and ordered an expensive landing page text, but your visitor number is minimal. If you are familiar with such situation do not hurry to spent your money for a contextual advertisement or other services to increase the visitor number. First of all you need a website optimization.

Why optimize a website?

Web search engines, like Google, have algorithms, that rise websites at the top of a search page. First meaningful paint time is one of the key factors that affect on the visitor number. The paint time also consider first contentful paint time, scripts, images, popups, video and other media files loading time. The more the visitor number is, the more leads website has, therefore the more profit advertisement produce.

It is possible to take a look at a resource loading time at Google Page Speed. The online service analyzes first contentful paint time, first meaningful paint time, time to interactive and some other parameters. If a time is marked by yellow or red color - your online project needs an optimization.

Ways to increase page speed

There are simple but effective ways to optimize a web-project:

  • Minimize files code and place the files in the right places at a webpage.
  • Decrease multimedia files size, that are loading at the same time along with a webpage.
  • Use only those character databases, that directly needed for a website.

Minimization and organization of files at a webpage

If a webpage contains large files - they should be compressed. CSS and JS code can contain hundreds of lines. This affects it's size and decrease a website page speed. This compressor,, and other similar resources will help with large files compression.

Analyze all the files a webpage uses. Refuse Abandon those files, you do not need or combine them into one. It will increase loading. If there is no way to combine, move the files to a webpage footer. There could live:

  • Plugins
  • Styles
  • Popups
Moving them to a footer will not affect their work, but they will not affect a webpage first contentful paint time.

Images and multimedia

For a webpage optimization multimedia files should be organize on a webpage in the right way. These files are the largest, so they should be loaded after main content loading is done. One can install a plugin to initiate an audio or a video after hover or scrolling only.

Also you can write JS code with setTimeout function or load multimedia using opacity property. It may help with your website loading time.

Despite images "weight" less than videos, they also should be optimized. Just like CSS files, images can be compressed. Here are some popular resources for images compressing:

But such manipulations do not always help to increase Google Page Speed. Therefore WEBP images should be used. But this extension can not be opened by all the browsers, so several "source"-options should be used inside the "picture" tag. For example, WEBP and JPEG. If a browser will be able to use this extension, it will load the corresponding image.


No websites can exist without fonts. But fonts databases have big number of characters, but in practice only 15-20% will be used. So why should we load a big characters database that will affect a website page speed, if we don't need it. One could generate a font and remove all unused characters using website.

Applying these simple tips, you can increase your website Google Page Speed and decrease first meaningful paint time.

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