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In the work of a catering company, especially if it is popular, the systematization of orders and offers is very important. Without an interface that is convenient for clients and employees, and an understandable inventory accounting scheme, it will not be possible to organize fast and high-quality service. ASABIX is a company of professionals in the field of creating services for companies working in the field of restaurant business and ready meals' delivery.

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Opportunities and benefits of website development for restaurants

The Content Management System needs to be tailored to the tasks and needs of users. A potential customer will choose another service provider if the delivery service website is slow, provides little information, and does not calculate discounts online. Our clients require intuitive navigation, a convenient shopping cart with the ability of composition editing, and prompt processing of requests. Competition in the ready-to-eat market is high, and the number of orders depends directly on the optimization of online services.

Key tasks

Improvement and acceleration of the restaurant’s website is the main thing we have been working on. The following issues have been dealt with in joint projects:

  1. creating different catalogs for each city to be served, so that the client can not get confused and make the order wrong;
  2. implementation of the loyalty program (bonuses, share offers, real-time discount calculation, cashback, personal discounts);
  3. development of a convenient Personal User Account with authorization by phone number, where you can see order history, applied discounts, personal offers, own benefit of using the services of the company;
  4. creation of the "Basket" section with additional options - adding special ingredients to the selected dish, selecting the desired time of delayed courier visit, online payment function

Synchronization with services for restaurants

It is necessary not only to create a user interface and set up accounting, but also to organize joint work with other useful projects. In our case, this is:

  1. Glovo and Rocket are courier services operating in different countries, allowing to track couriers' movements through a telephone application;
  2. restaurant automation system IIKO.

IIKO is responsible for all processes taking place on the territory of the catering enterprise: taking orders, applying personal and promotional discounts, accounting for users and products, fast processing and classification of requests.

As a result of our work, clients received fast and high-quality service, and managers of establishments received a convenient scheme for working with food orders, which can be easily mastered in a few hours. The second benefit is an analyst compatible with the software of the catering enterprises, which that visually demonstrates the results of the work.

Food delivery websites for our clients

We have participated in the development of projects:

  1. (preparation of sushi and rolls in Kiev and other Ukrainian cities);
  2. and (oriental kitchen and barbecue, a network of establishments and courier service in Kiev).

A user’s shopping cart, personal discount system, bonus programs, directory separation were implemented. As a result, each customer is provided with his own Personal Account, where you can find out the necessary information without contacting the restaurant dispatch service directly. Fewer people began to consult with managers (now the data is available online). As a result of a reduction in the burden on staff, it became possible to process orders more quickly and reduce the risk of error.

The development of the food delivery site requires experience, understanding the nuances, understanding what weaknesses and errors are often present in the customer service industry. Web developers must know the scheme from within and be able to put themselves in the place of the customer in order to create a product that will truly solve the problems.


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