Online exchanger

As part of the creation of the exchanger, you can implement the following subtasks:

  • Create user balances right on your site.
  • Purchase / sale of funds between the user and the site, taking into account the commissions established by you.
  • Currency exchange between the user and the site with the commissions established by you.
  • Refill user balances in various currencies using various payment systems.
  • Buying / selling funds in real time with other users of the site.
  • Display of statistics on purchases / sales based on data from your service or other services that provide API.
  • Writing an API will potentially allow you to create mobile applications and integrate your service into other products.

What is important for a project of this type

Multi-level user data protection (multi-factor authentication)
Secure exchange
Variability in the choice of currencies
Variability in the choice of input/output method
Constant customer support
Real-time notification
Focus on multiple markets
All Your data is collected in the personal cabinet
Timely response to errors

We realize any types of exchange


Technology stack

Each project is developed for specific needs and is focused on a specific niche

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