If you work in the field of sales and deliveries, you will inevitably encounter the need to automate your routine tasks. In this case, the correct solution would be to develop an accounting system specifically for your needs. The functions of such a system can be:

Storage and quick provision of information about the goods you sell, your customers, inventory, and so on.

Receive notifications about perfect sales of your products at other sites using server-server interaction in real time. You can get all the available information about the sale: price, quantity, transaction ID, method of payment and delivery, and in some cases, data about the buyer.

Ability to integrate with stores on Woocommerce, Shopify, Magento and others.

Exchange of price lists with various trading platforms, such as Rozetka.ua, Prom.ua, Ebay.com, Etsy.com, Price.ua and others, we already have integration experience.

Statistical analysis of sales.

Integration with delivery services such as Nova Posta, Shiprush and others. You will be able to make the calculation of the delivery of goods and issue invoices immediately on your website.

These and other functions will help you optimize your routine work and find time not only to maintain, but also to grow your business.
Also, you can connect other users with your goods to your system and as a result you can be a logistics center for further shipments.

Main advantages:

  • Flexible distribution of user rights.
  • Manage goods in stock.
  • Creating and managing incoming and outgoing invoices
  • Different payment systems (PayPal and others).
  • The ability to manage user balances.
  • Deposit/withdrawal of funds.
  • The ability to bill users for processing orders.
  • Control over the payment of bills, with the possibility of choosing and changing the payment system.
  • The ability to generate reports on goods, warehouses, transactions, users, parcels, with the ability to filter by dates.
  • Export/import of goods, transaction reports to/from excel (other applications as needed).
  • The possibility of flexible configuration of the main parameters of the system.
  • Ability to choose a convenient language for working with the system.

Technology stack

Each project is developed for specific needs and is focused on a specific niche

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