Admitad API Connection Experience

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Admitad is a global affiliate network with a large selection of affiliate programs, high rates, express payments, and many tools.

In our case, we used Admitad to connect the cashback service to multiple affiliates of the platform. Using this platform, we were able to provide users with the opportunity to choose websites with the most profitable cashback for themselves and to withdraw money for purchases on the Internet.

Admitad API Connection Experience

The Admitad API allows us to send requests to the server and receive any (almost) information that is located on the Admitad server and is associated with our account. Information is provided in JSON format and allows automating processes on our server. Therefore, we can not only receive the most detailed information about each target action, but also, for example, add relevant discounts and coupons to each store on our loyalty page, which can increase conversion.

This is certainly not the most complete list of advantages. Integration through the API allows implementing and automating almost any business logic associated with Admitad.

Pros and cons of integration through the API:

  • + A large number of available API methods.
  • + A wide selection of customization during development.
  • + The most reliable data transmission channel.
  • + Ability to adjust the level of access to the API.
  • + High throughput - up to 600 requests per minute.
  • - It does not work with product feeds.
  • - It requires high software development skills.

Integration through API

Getting API Keys

  • API keys are in the settings of your personal account, in the "API and applications" tab. Screenshot:


To gain access to the Admitad server, you must go through the authorization process on the server. The above-mentioned API keys are required for this.

Detailed instructions are here -

Approximately the following reply on this request will be received:

     "username": "webmaster1",
     "first_name": "name",
     "last_name"': "surname",
     "language": "ru",
     "access_token": "4b8b33955a",
     "token_type": "bearer",
     "expires_in": 604800,
     "refresh_token": "ea957cce42",
     "scope": "advcampaigns banners websites"


  • username - webmaster login in admitad
  • access_token - access token (use it in further requests for receiving information from the admitad server)
  • expires_in - 604800 seconds, this value is always static (7 days). This is the lifetime of the access token (it can be updated here - )
  • refresh_token - the value you use to update the lifetime of the access token.
  • scope - which API methods does this access_token have access
Description of the accesses can be found here - List of all possible parameters for scope:

"scope": "public_data websites manage_websites advcampaigns advcampaigns_for_website manage_advcampaigns banners landings arecords banners_for_website payments manage_payments announcements referrals coupons coupons_for_website private_data tickets manage_tickets private_data_email private_data_phone private_data_balance validate_links deeplink_generator statistics opt_codes manage_opt_codes webmaster_retag manage_webmaster_retag broken_links manage_broken_links lost_orders manage_lost_orders broker_application manage_broker_application offline_sales offline_receipts manage_offline_receipts"

Required methods and parameters

A complete, but not final list of methods for implementing the logic of your cashback service:

The Admidat service provides many opportunities for collecting statistics, as well as for earning. After reviewing all the opportunities, we chose the API that could best solve our problems.

Further, using this API, we synchronized all the platforms that we added in the personal account with an entry in the database of our service, configured the updating of all the cashback programs in automatic mode via Cron, displayed information about the cashback and a brief description of the services, so that users based on these data can choose exactly the service that most suits them.

Next, we had to develop a logic for refunding users on our cashback service, because unfortunately admitad does not provide for the separation of these funds on its own. To do this, we had to assign each user a unique identifier when switching to affiliate programs, with which we then track the purchase history of users, and only then, making a request through API that provides statistics on switches, purchases, and order statuses on different platforms, we sorted this information, first divided it by users, and then worked with each user separately, checking the status of orders made by the user. Depending on the current status of the order, we credited funds to a specific account.

The result of connecting to the Admitad API was a full-fledged cashback service with the most convenient and user-friendly interface, ease of use, and the ability to return your money by buying goods on the Internet.

In general, the impressions of working with the Admitad API are good. There is full documentation with examples of requests, as well as a responsive support service, which will help you with great pleasure if the documentation lacks something.


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Admitad API Connection Experience
Admitad API Connection Experience
Admitad is a global affiliate network with a large selection of affiliate programs, high rates, express payments, and many tools.
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