Ecommerce without boundaries!

Engineering and technical support

Internet shops


Web applications

Implementation of projects on the basis of both ready-made solutions and unique designs.

Maintenance: we make and implement audits, modernize and support existing projects. If you have the unique and promising ideas, we are ready for discussion and cooperation.

Skills of the back-end developer:

  • Work with databases (DBMS), their projecting and creation.
  • Implementation of functional capability in the language of PHP.
  • The connection of templates to working CMS (for example, Bitrix, OpenCart).

Skills of the front-end developer:

  • The layout of any sites according to ready-made design (creation of HTML-page of the site on the basis of design templates).
  • The layout of sites and templates for CMS.
  • Adapting sites for all screen resolutions and mobile devices both with the help of layouts and at his own discretion (rubber and adaptive layout).
  • Optimization of sites for the Google speed page.
  • Front-end edit (edit of the display of elements, their dynamics, actions).
  • Linking of scripts that provide visualization and animation of the site pages to the user interface.
  • Provision of the necessary level of the user interface (UI - User Interface) and the experience of interaction (UX - User Experience).

Bitrix 24

or the development of the desktop application for time recording and task setting.

The corporate portal is the tool that will help you to adjust the work of your company or organization. Here you can control the working time of your employees, set tasks and monitor their accomplishment, improve business processes, issue invoices, commercial offers, contracts, etc. Using analytical tools you can also analyze the efficiency of your managers’ work. Integrate Bitrix24 with the site and receive applications and orders in Bitrix24.

Here is only the small list of advantages of the system, if you want to know more, just write to us, and we will recount you!