Artem Shishkin

Co - founder of Cooverbox

We worked with Asabix company on the development not of the simple project - the online constructor The company did a mobile version and many other improvements. Also, together with Asabix we started and adapted the project under other market. The work is accurate “technical requirement - realization”, with an understanding of the matter, efficiency and steps towards to the client. I recommend to all.



My name is Sergei, I'm the manager of the company "Bepharm" . We were searching reliable contractor for the maintenance of our website. Having talk with the guys, we decided to transfer them the website, because they specialize in Bitrix platform. We have been cooperating for almost half of a year. During this time we haven't got any problems with their works. All our website requirements have been realized. In this company always prompts the best way to approach a particular task. I recommend the company for cooperation. If you want to receive a quality product within the agreed time, address "Asabix".