Artem Shishkin

Co - founder of Cooverbox

We worked with Asabix company on the development not of the simple project - the online constructor The company did a mobile version and many other improvements. Also, together with Asabix we started and adapted the project under other market. The work is accurate “technical requirement - realization”, with an understanding of the matter, efficiency and steps towards to the client. I recommend to all.



Project manager

My name is Pavel, I'm the project manager at The project was carried out on 1C-Bitrix, very large and very complex in execution, it was done during the year, I met Yura (ASABIX chief ) on the recommendation of the  Bitrix company, as the owner of the gold certificate. The guys joined in the work at the very end. Did not participate at the design and development stage, and this did not prevent them from fully understanding our complex system. I can say one thing, they need to give a platinum certificate if they have one). And if without jokes, understand Bitrix perfectly. We work to this day and recommend it to everyone.